We Know What You Want

We are The Deadlands, a speculative fiction magazine all about Death, the afterlife, the underworld, and everything above, below, and related.

We have been keeping an eye on you (not in a creepy way) so that we could offer something AMAZING to you, something we know you love.


Your grocery store aisles are full of it.

The hallways of your schools are decorated in orange yellow white with wild abandon.

You all love candy corn–one way or another.

We Want to Give You The Candy Corns

But we also want to spread October cheer.

It’s the best month, out of ALL the months.

So we met down here in the deadlands and we said, what do the people up there love?

Yes, obviously, candy corns.

Well, more is better than less, so let’s give someone many, many candy corns.

One lucky person will receive:


Here it is:

That’s right, we’re giving away one thirty pound bag of candy corn to one lucky person.

How Do You Win These Corns?

Don’t be corn-fused!

It’s so easy a reanimated pile of bones could do it.

We want to spread October cheer and so to be entered in a very random drawing to receive this candy cornpocalypse of sugar, we want you to give something back to the world.

Donate ANY AMOUNT to ANY 501(c)(3) CHARITY



That’s the big picture: here are the detailed steps to follow:


You have to be following @TheDeadlands on Twitter. So go do that.


You have to tweet about this contest using the hashtag #CandyCornMe to help spread the word… it’s 30lbs of candy corn, it practically spreads itself!


You must email a receipt or forward an acknowledgement of your donation OR send a picture of the donated food at a drop off to:

That’s literally it.

The Super Detailed Rules and Exceptions

No purchase necessary!

Because of the cost of shipping 30 solid pounds of solidified high fructose corn syrup, the winning person must have an address in the United States. International readers are encouraged to donate locally to their favorite charity (and be a-maize-ing) but cost prohibits us from sending this bounty overseas or across international borders.

The Deadlands staff and family of staff are NOT eligible to win.

The donation window is open from October 1st through October 15th

The winner will be announced on October 18th ON TWITTER.

Everyone will also be entered to win a CANDY CORN ROYALTY sticker.

Several people will win stickers—but only one person is going home with the motherload of corns.

Thirty pounds.

What Can You Do With Thirty Pounds of Candy Corn?

  • give 30 1lb bags of candy corn to trick or treaters
  • make an amazing online dating profile pic
  • send them to your dentist and show them who’s boss
  • mail them to your enemy or enemies
  • pay your parking tickets with them
  • dump them on your bed and lie down in slow motion like they do with money in the movies
  • make little bouquets and give them to bees to help them through the long winter

The possibilities are literally endless.


Hit us up on Twitter.

Special Thanks:

To Elise, for helping scheme this.

To Lex from Huntress Studios for the amazing art.